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meeting / rencontre

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Lun. 30 juin 2014
De Shull a publié une photo sur le journal de Jack Galmitz.
this looks familiar 

by Patricia Huchot-Boissier
  • Jack Galmitz It does doesn’t it?? I happen to love Patricia, so I won’t assume she saw my painting of her photo. She also told me that for purposes of gallery showings, she used a service in Paris to enlarge the images and frame them for suitable size and appearance. She’s talented and my work, if I recall, was a homage to Twombly (forgot his first name- early Alzheimers).
  • De Shull really? I think maybe she did notice Jack. I love Cy Twombly’s work. the roses are fantastic. I wonder ……is he responsible for the dripping paint technique thats in vogue ??
  • De Shull it would be intersting to see some paintings with the paint dripping upward. but then i guess it wouldnt be called dripping.
  • De Shull Patrica ; i enjoyed your photos thIs morning. looks like you hang with some very interesting folks, and the images are fantastico !!
  • Jack Galmitz TY De Shull. I’m pleased that a new online gallery wants to showcase my work and I’ll be speaking to one of them today about questions I had. It’s funny but the Japanese and Chinese have a higher regard for some of my work than Americans do.
  • De Shull congrats fer sure Jack !! That is interesting. the Asians have an Older wisdom of esthetics than the US which i would take as a great Compliment. Please keep Us updated.
  • Jack Galmitz Of course. I have to tell you that if they are willing to say enlarge to 20×30 and frame, they can deduct the costs and take their percentage. I would feel as if I had achieved a life’s goal in one single sale. That is enough for me. I don’t want a reception and being toasted. I’m 63 and not in the best health. What was once a really good looking man is now a bald fat old one. Not the same thing at all.
For Jack Galmitz
For Cy Twombly / Edwin Parker Twombly Jr., dit Cy Twombly

Edwin Parker Twombly Jr., dit Cy Twombly

Son œuvre croise les enjeux majeurs de l’art au xxe siècle : le dilemme abstraction/figuration, l’intervention de la psychanalyse, le primitivisme, le rôle de l’écriture en peinture, l’hommage aux anciens (il choisit souvent ses thèmes dans l’Antiquité ou dans la littérature ancienne), les liens artistiques entre Europe et Amérique.

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  • Jack Galmitz Patricia I had already looked through your gallery and was very impressed. It never occurred to me that you needed to borrow ideas from me or even if you did you would take them in your own direction. I very much like your work.
  • Patricia Huchot-Boissier une bien belle rencontre entre vous et De Shull thank